What is WhateverWeb

Quick Intro

We love the web! From the regular desktop web and mobile specific (m dot) websites to the latest responsive design trends, our mission is to help you bring your content to everyone out there, in the sleekest, leanest and fastest way possible.

WhateverWeb (WEW) offers a robust set of Services and APIs, that will help you tackle common web performance issues that you may encounter during your journey towards a more responsive web such as the:

  • Over downloading and processing of Images (needless delivery of high definition/size images to small screen devices)
  • Over-downloading and processing of CSS (needless delivery of CSS files to certain devices – e.g. CSS for iPhone UI delivered to Android Devices)
  • Over-downloading and processing of Javascript (needless delivery of JS libs to certain devices – e.g. JS for iPhone UI delivered to Android Devices)


Available Services

The current available services and APIs are:

  • Image Optimizer :  Automatic and on demand image scaling, compression and manipulation
  • CSS Optimizer : Automatic minification, compression, @import functionality
  • Device Capabilities Detection: Device Capabilities detection through RESTful, JavaScript and CSS APIs (extended media queries)


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